Financial Consultation

In March, 2020, under the leadership of H.M. the King of Bahrain and under the direction of HRH the Crown Prince, the ministers announced economic packages that commits the government to double to Liquidity Support Fund from BHD100 million to BHD 200 million, Increasing the Central Bank of Bahrain’s loan facilities to BHD 3.7bn to allow debt instalments to be deferred and extra credit to be extended, and other financial support packages. 

American MEC can consult companies in filing any of the following: 

1.      Liquidity Support Fund: With Corona Virus crisis, many companies may need to take advantage of the Liquidity Support Fund. We can assist you in filling the required documents to increase your chances of taking advantage of this fund and get in track with your expenses.

2.      Bank Loans & Bank Guarantee Letters: We can assist companies in filing for bank loans and guide them through the process from selecting the right loan to receiving the loan amount. We also assist companies in obtaining bank guarantee letters.

3.      Actuarial Services: We are expert in calculation of actuaries and preparation of reports according to auditors/ requirements. The actuarial report may also guide you in preparing for end of service benefits to avoid financial impact risk.

4.      Bankruptcy Filing: We can assist you in selecting the right approach to filing for bankruptcy. Our service includes guiding you to fill the required application, preparation of the required documents, and selecting the appropriate lawyer. We can also walk you through out the process until completing the entire filing.